Scroll saw

The group meets every Wednesday at the clubrooms and aims to promote the art of scroll sawing by sharing ideas, experience and wisdom.
Beginners are encouraged to come and try their hand and meet with like minded people to learn and to discuss projects and techniques.

August 2019

On Friday afternoon our visitors started to arrive. On Saturday after cooked breakfast the fog stayed till mid-morning. About 9 AM the saws started working. Nina & Dan came at bout 9-30 AM. Jim Doyle & Colin Brock were getting on with their projects,

At cuppa time we had a visit from our club leaders.

A lovely lunch was provide by our ladies.

At about 4 pm we retired home to attend dinner at Elgin’s Hotel.

On Sunday morning after a cooked breakfast back to work. We had a visit from John & Anne Webster and Andres came along for a while,

Lunch from “Carve it Up” was enjoyed by us all. After a cuppa our visitors departed some for a long drive.

We set about cleaning up, everything was done and placed back in meeting room.

Many thanks to all who made the weekend successful. Ed Kilo

Pres Peter congratulated ED on conduct of Scroll Saw Weekend.