The open day was a success and well supported.

A very big thank you to ALL the members for their Help in putting together 2 very successful Open Days.

The weather could have been kinder on the Wednesday but The members made the most of it and put in a great effort to display their skills and talent. A particular thank you to the scroll saw members that I displaced from the warm clubroom to the workshop, so that we had an area for the morning tea.

Although we only had 31 people through on the Wednesday, I think the camaraderie was fantastic, we got to see other members at work an saw their talents on display. We also got to socialise and to workshop ideas with other members. We also have prospective mew members from the day.

Saturday was a much nicer day with 51 people signing our register. The first of these was Councillor Brian Mitchell, who showed a keen interest and stayed around for quite a long time. Another thank you to all the members who turned up to help on Saturday especially those that also turned up on Wednesday. I think this was also great success
As we displayed our talents to the public, who thankfully showed a lot of interest in what we demonstrated and displayed.

We gained a prospective 4 or 5 members from the Wednesday and at least 2 new members from Saturday with the possibility of a further 3 or 4.

All in all I think we did a good job of publicising the Club and displaying the members talent.
Once again I thank you for your efforts and the support in Opening our doors to the Public.