Presidents Report December 2018

First of all, my apologises for being a very late withdrawal at the Christmas Party. I hope everyone enjoyed the evening and a merry time was had be all in attendance.
Cottage Brochure.
Thanks to the continuing hard work by Cheryl and Ray the new colour brochure for the cottage has been produced and distributed throughout the region. It is impressive and certainly promotes the cottage in a positive light.
Thanks to those members who assisted in the Bunnings Xmas night and the Cultural evening at Bunton Park. These exposures help make the community aware of our existence and the talent within the club. Bunnings kindly donated two $50 vouchers to the club for our participation which will be put to good use in the future.
Certificate of Appreciation
A certificate of appreciation was presented to Tony aka woodgrub for his many years of publishing our monthly newsletter, plus many other incidentals that happened to be sent his way. Many thanks Tony for your tireless service to the club.
Attendance Changes.
As from January the attendance cost per person will increase to $4 per session. In an attempt to make accountability for the workshop easier, the committee has decided to do away with the sign in book and instead provide an invoice book where members will sign in with the $4 indicated, plus any timber purchases or other amounts owing eg Xmas party, membership etc .This will then be totalled by a group member, sealed in an envelope then deposited in a container. A float will be available for change, milk biscuits etc. Without creating much extra work we hope this be a more efficient method of collection.
The committee has decided to extend the lease on the cottage for a further 12 – 24 months.
Information Board
Thanks to the efforts of Wayne the display board outside our club rooms will be updated. This should give everyone a point of reference for club activities. Thanks Wayne.
On closing for the year may I wish everyone a joyful Christmas and Happy New Year. I am very conscious of the fact that over the year we have lost several vital members of the club- we have little control over somethings – and we hop that spouses and family will find comfort together over the festive season.
Kindest Regards Peter