Great to be able to report back to members after our meetings on Tuesday. Once again our thanks to the many members who have given so generously of their time over the past month.

5 Year Plan
Under the chair of Ray XXX our futures committee has come up with an overview of a five- year plan which will now undergo detailed costing and sequencing before being adopted. An outline of the overview was included in the last meeting’s agenda. This should give us a vision for the immediate future of the club.

Following enquiries through Ambulance Victoria we were informed that we did not meet the grant criteria for sporting clubs for the placement of a defibrillator in our club rooms. Further enquiries are being undertaken.

Website Launched.
Thanks to the hard work of Paul XXXX our new website has been launched. The website will slowly evolve to contain more and more info for the benefit of members and the wider community. Please visit the site – awwinc@awwinc.com.au have a look and give any committee member constructive feedback. Thanks Paul for your hard work.

New Workshop Signage.
The club committee gave the go ahead for the painting of a new sign for outside the meeting room entrance. This should be completed soon and will include all activity times and contact people. Just a reminder that members using machinery in the workshop must ensure that two members are present while the machinery is in use.

Bunnings BBQ
Once again thank you Ray for co-ordinating the recent Bunnings BBQ. Whilst around ten members turned up to face the searing 40 degree heat it is amazing to report that the BBQ and raffle made a small profit. A purple heart to those members who attended.

Guest Speakers
Our thanks to Gayle who gave us an entertaining presentation on the trips and tribulations of travel, at our recent meeting. I’m sure we all gained insights into aspects of our past travel that we were unsure of.
Our next meeting will have Raquel of the Victorian Police talk to us about personal safety in the community.
Our July meeting will be a fun casserole night for members and guests.

Thanks one and all and keep on chipping!