Welcome to March, the note-able aspects of the committee are as follows.
The club has applied for 2 grants, one through the St Johns Ambulance for a Defibrillator and one for a community grant to run awareness activities through the Wodonga Council. Thanks to Ray for the groundwork in getting the second application finished with such short notice.
Wodonga Show.
Thanks to the Wodonga Show Society, the prize money has been increased to $10 first prize in each of the 15 sub sections with certificates for second and third prizes. Entries should be left at the club rooms from 9:00 am till 11:00 am on Friday.
Requests for Equipment From Groups.
Requests have been received from all groups totalling well over $16000. Obviously we cannot afford to fund the total amount but in some cases we will look at funding an expensive item with the proviso that there maybe only a small amount or nothing allocated next year.
Insurance for volunteers
Insurance has been taken out to cover volunteers who may be working at activities or the cottage on our behalf. We can never be too careful.
Border Steam and Oil Rally
The committee decided that the club would apply to participate in the Steam and Oil Rally held at Leneva over Easter. More details are available from signs around the meeting room.
Club Signage
Thanks to Wayne and Harry, new signage has been supplied for placement outside the door to the clubroom. All information on the board should be current and up to date.
Domestic Issues
I may be sounding like an old nag, but everyone needs to take some responsibility for leaving the meeting rooms in a clean and tidy condition. Over the past several weeks the condition some groups are leaving the meeting room in leaves much to be desired. PLEASE clean the room, put on and empty the dishwasher, turn off the water boiler on leaving and generally make sure that the room is tidy for the next group. Remember it is not somebody else’s job it is everybody’s job.
Treasurer On Leave
I’m sure all members wish our treasurer Anne a quick return to health following surgery early this week. Please be patient and understanding with the executive as we attempt to pay bills and reimbursements owning over the next couple of weeks in Anne’s absence.
Happy chipping Peter