Recent Activities

Well folks it has been a busy month. The open days at the clubroom and cottage attracted close to 100 people and certainly helped promote our club and its various activities. A big thank you To Vice President Ray who applied for the Wodonga City Council Grant which funded this activity. I was invited to talk on ABC radio about the club, we had a BBQ at Bunnings- thanks to Wayne for his organisation and to the eight helpers on the day. Then last weekend the club featured in the local Craft Alive and thanks to the volunteers and demonstrators who helped raise our profile in the local communities. This was followed on Tuesday night with a fun, casserole and baby guessing competition in lieu of our general meeting. Thanks to Tonie Hurcum who donated a hand sewn quilt for first prize, Cheryl Seymour for donating tins of homemade biscuits and Wayne Rogerson for donating a turned wooden pen. The night attracted around 25 participants and we all enjoyed tasty casseroles, deserts and finger food provided by the participants.

Coming Events

Workshop Manager Dan has arranged a visit to the XLAM laminating factory at the Logic Centre. If you are interested, please contact Dan or me, or fill in the sheet on the notice board, so a date can be negotiated with the manager.
Next Year – The club will be participating in the Albury Wodonga Arts and Cultural Festival on the March 9th long weekend.
Wodonga Seniors Celebration. – Our Club will host an open day on the 16th or 17th October at the Workshop as part of the week’s celebrations.
Scroll Saw Weekend – Ed and the scroll Saw activists are getting a little excited as the scroll saw weekend is fast approaching. Anyone who wishes to participate had better contact Ed to see if spaces are available.

Box Making Hardware

Harry has a case of hardware which box makers may be interested in. Harry will have the case with him at club meetings or through arrangements if members wish to make purchases.

Cleanliness of the Workshop.

Please remember that it is Your responsibility to leave your workspace and the machinery that you use in a clean state. It is not the groups convenor or instructor’s role to check that members have left their workplace in a clean, tidy state. I am aware that this applies to a minority of our members, but IT IS EACH INDIVIDUALS RESPONSIBILITY. – fair go!

Security of the Workshop Meeting Room

At our recent Committee Meeting concerns were raised about the use of the workshop at times other than the designated days and times advertised. We are not attempting to restrict members from using the workshop at other times, but according to the sign in register no one uses the facilities which we know is not the case. We have decided to take several steps to safeguard not only the club in the case of insurance, but also for the general safety of club members.
Step 1 – In the near future movement activated video cameras will be installed at entrance doors.
Step 2 – All doors will have security locks installed and new keys cut. These keys will not be able to be duplicated and will allow the committee to control access – members will be able to access the workshop/clubrooms but only after acquiring a key.
Step 3 – All members attending the workshop/clubrooms MUST sign in on the register. Co-ordinators, members, visitor everyone must sign in. Only those using equipment will need to pay the $4 activity fee. Anytime you attend the rooms and use the equipment/tools you are expected to pay $4.
Step4 – If attending the workshop out of specified activity hours, then you cannot use electrical machinery unless another member is present.

I know this all sounds a little draconian but it is for our own well being and safety.
Thanks to everyone who is and who has helped make our club so successful.
Regards Peter – President.