2020.06.Presidents Report

Hi everyone, isn’t it great that restrictions have been lifted to enable us to return to close to normal at the Workshop and Cottage. Judging by the numbers a large majority of regular workshop attendees are making the most of the chance to escape “Cabin Fever”. Hopefully next month we will have the green light to resume general meetings. At our Committee meeting the following issues were raised.


Office works have donated a $50 voucher to help raise funds for a defibrillator. This will go towards prizes for a raffle or such activity in the near future. Our thanks to Vice President Ray and Office Works for that result.

Helen Haines Community Grants.

We are still awaiting news of the successful grants for last year. We know we were unsuccessful but are curious as to what type of projects were funded throughout the electorate.

Shed Extensions.

We have received a letter of approval from the Wodonga Show Committee to extend towards Wilson Street. Several quotes have also been received and the club’s building committee will be meeting next week to review plans and come up with recommendations for the committee and general membership.

Security Cameras

The entrances to our workshop and meeting room are now covered by security cameras, so movement in and out of the rooms can be reviewed where necessary. Our thanks to Paul and Dan for the purchase and installation.

Limelight Show Oct 2 and 3

The committee has decided to commit the club to participating in the Limelight Show later this year. More details as they come to hand.

OnLine Cottage Sales

We are certainly trying to move with the times by adventuring into the realms of online selling. This topic took a large part of our meeting time recently. A committee chaired by cottage manager Colin will be investigating the possibilities for sales via online. The more we talked, the more issues arose. This venture would be great for the club and if you have any ideas or experience in online selling, I’m sure the committee would appreciate your input.


Recipes for Club Cookbook to Cheryl
Temperature checks and hand wash on arrival to club rooms, disinfect tables machines, tools prior to departure.

Please keep the parking space outside the show ground entrance clear as it is the most commonly used entrance/exit

Welcome back and happy chipping.
President Peter