2020.07.Presidents Report

Hi everyone, I do hope that you are all keeping safe and healthy. Just when we saw light at the end of the tunnel, we discovered that it was a train heading in our direction. We had a marvellous return to activities with hopes of a general meeting this month however lock down restrictions forced us to cancel – it is not worth taking the risk. I am ever grateful to the committee members who venture out to keep the club functioning, sitting in our club room two metres apart discussing business. We must all remain positive, hopefully we will be blessed with good news soon. The various activities continue to function as notified. I believe we are taking adequate protection measures if everyone follows the directions.

Building Extensions

The committee received and approved the recommendations made by the building committee (see short report below). These recommendations will now be put to a general meeting for discussion and hopefully endorsement.
Having no success with grants, we are looking at other ways to fund the machine. Cheryl has led the charge, always innovative and generous, she has made close to 50 kitchen towels to hang in the kitchen. These towels are on sale at the cottage and in the meeting room at a cost of $10 each. Already these sales have raised over $200 which will go towards the purchase of the machine. Anyone with other fundraising ideas please let the committee know. Thanks Cheryl.

Passing of a Member

It’s very sad when we have to announce the passing of a member of the club. Les was a generous gentleman who willingly shared his skills and knowledge with us less skilled members. Our sympathy is extended to his family and friends. At the time of writing this report, funeral arrangements are not known.

Financial report

Even with the restrictions placed on the club, it is pleasing to report that our monthly profit and loss statement shows that we are still making a small profit. Thanks to Julianna and Mark for their continuing efforts.

Pens for Servicemen and women serving overseas

Under Paul’s direction our pens were sent on to organisers. It was a great surprise for Peter Trabrant when he received a letter from one of our overseas service personnel thanking him for the kind gesture. Our clubs name is now being heralded in other countries where we have a presence.

Cottage Sales Online

Col and the cottage are trialling online sales. A special committee has had several meetings and their recommendations are being trialled. (see cottage report for more details)

Message from Committee and Workshop Manager.

A lot of time has been spent by Dan, replacing blades, adjusting machines etc for our benefit. Our concerns are that some machines are being used incorrectly and for the wrong purposes. The two band saws each have a different purpose, the smaller one for cutting gentle curves, the larger one for breaking down timber. The sanding machine is a sanding machine, not a thicknesser, if you need more than a couple of passes on this machine, you are on the wrong machine. The sanding machine should not be used to sand painted or recycled wood. If in doubt consult the workshop manager before use, not after damage has occurred. The thicknesser also should only be lowered ¼ of a turn after several passes at the current height. The same applies to painted and recycled wood. If we all exercise just that little more care our machinery will be serviceable for a longer period of time.

Thanks everyone for their continued support of the club, together we can maintain a strong, enthusiastic club. Safe distancing all.
President Peter