Hello everyone,

time flies, half way through our year already. Good news on the extension, the foundations have been poured and the retaining wall bricked in. The bricks will be filled on Tuesday, and the slab poured by the end of the month.(hopefully). This should have the building up by mid-end June. Finances are looking good with funds in hand to pay for the rest of the construction. Not the complete fit out as yet, but we are working on it.

North East Woodies at Wangaratta May 28 will be well attended by our members, should be a good day out as usual.

Easter steam rally was well attended, and good sales reported by our team on site. A very good month for sales at the cottage and the mill, as well as workshop attendance gave the club a net profit of $1,750 for the month. A great result all round. Unfortunately we have had a break-in at the cottage, but no real damage done. The float was stolen, $200, but no damage at all to items on display. Could have been a lot worse.

Two members have reported catching covid, both are going ok. We closed the workshop for the last few days of last week as a precaution and my apologies for not getting a general notice out to all. Regulars at these sessions were advised by the group leaders.

The pizza dinner before the last general meeting was a great success and will be repeated in the future. Next meeting is the casserole night with Cheryl and Juliana coordinating. Let them know what you can bring so we don’t get too many dupilcations. Peter Hurcum is runnig the trivia night after the casseroles, with the fun starting at 6.30, not 7.00 as is normal.

Enough from me for now,

stay healthy