The furniture group was formed over 15 years ago with the primary aim of giving club members the opportunity to learn some basic hand skills such as mortise and tenon joints, how to cut a dovetail, and the use of hand planes and saws. At the time the chub was really focused on turning and scroll sawing. It was hoped that what members learned here they would be able to do at home with very few tools. the other benefit was being able to use the larger machines to dress and break down their timber. there was also help given in design and building of furniture, picture frames boxes really anything that members wanted to make

These days the aims haven’t really changed, with furniture being the main focus although any wood item is fair game as furniture making can encompass most other aspects of woodworking be it turned legs, carved details or box construction we even use the scroll saws on occasion and have some members use pyrography to embellish their furniture.

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