Happy new year to all.

2022 I hope will be a better year than last, with this covid problem impacting all in various ways. Membership renewals are down slightly not surprising, but workshop activity remains strong.

The workshop extension remains on track, although I expect delays of various kinds will occur in the coming months. At the general meeting guest speaker, Karen Walls-Smythe from Wodonga council gave a very interesting and informative talk on the work and assistance available from Wodonga Council, and this will be followed up by your committee. Work is already underway to try and make the February deadline for community grants applications.

The General Meeting passed a resolution to seek associate membership with the Victorian Men’s Shed Association. This will enable us to tap into all the resources of this body to assist with the further development of the workshop/club room. I hope to expedite this process before the next general meeting.

The cottage has had a very good result for December, and special thanks to Colin and the crew for the effort put in to achieve this.


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