Hi all members,

A very busy time around the club at present, and I will try to cover a few of the highlights

A lot of work has been done on the community development grant application by Dennis Smith and this has now been handed over to various members for completion. Workshop manager Dan is preparing electrical lay out and costings both in equipment and “in kind” values. Peter Hurcum has prepared at very short notice a floor layout for Dan to work with. Treasure Mark will prepare the necessary budgets and Peter Hurcum will stitch the application together before it is sent of to Ken Blowers and his wife Lee for review before submis sion. Lee has a lot of experience in writing grant applications.

The extension to the shed is full steam ahead with the earth works starting very soon. Ranbuilt have given us a start date of mid March and we are well under way to being ready for this, thanks to the efforts of Dan and Peter. Steel for the slab is being ordered as I write, and a digger is ready to start work as soon as we say go.

Come and try night last night was a lot of fun and the bbq meal prepared by Cheryl and her assistants was a big hit. Some prospective new members were present, and other members enjoyed seeing a different aspects of the club and workshop.

As you can see a lot is happening at the present, and if you would like to be more involved with your club there are lots of ways you can achieve this. Contact your group leader or committee member for more information.

Katie H has put her hand up to take over as webmaster so we hope to see this resource utilized more to benefit club members in the near future. Thanks, Katie.

The club finances are in pretty good shape and we are certainly able to get the extension up, and grant funds being sought for electrical fit-out, if successful, will see the new premises suitable for use very quickly.

Bowna is on at the end of the month and is a complete sell-out, so those attending are looking forward to a really good weekend. This event is being held at the great Aussie park at Bowna, about 20 minutes north of Al bury, and day visitors are really welcome. So come and have a look at what some of the best woodturners around are working on. Call Harry or me if you want more info.

The guest speaker at the next meeting is the Mayor of Wodonga Kevin Poulton. He will be talking about Wodonga’s interaction with community groups. That’s us! We need a really good turnout for this address so please make an effort. That is the next general meeting on March 8 at the workshop.

Jim Catlin has made an amazing donation to the club which was gratefully accepted by the committee at yesterday’s meeting. Jim has donated a wood wizz machine for processing slabs. The machine bed is 4 meters by 2.5 meters, so think tabletop size. Thank you Jim on behalf of all the members, it is a truly amazing gift.

Cheers for now,


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