Hi all,

The last month has been a busy time for us so I will try to cover some of the highlights.
First was Bowna’s turn about late Feb. A detailed report is covered elsewhere in this newsletter, but suffice to say it was a very successful event well well by our club. Many prepaid bookings for next year give testament to this. Even if you are not participating it is well worth a visit to see some really good woodturners in action.

The club extension is progressing, with steel for the slab expected Thursday. once the slab is completed the shed should be up fairly soon after.

Katie H is progressing with the website review, and we will see some changes happening here very soon. Last night’s meeting was very well attended, and a very impressive collection of the talent and skill of our members was on display in our big show and tell. Thanks again to everyone who contributed, it was a real opportunity to showcase our club.

Wodonga mayor Kev Poulton was an entertaining guest speaker and spoke for about 40 minutes on mainly council methods and future plans for Wodonga generally. and community groups in particular. He then spent about another 40 minutes discussing the various displays with their owners.

Bunnings have offered a date in April for a BBQ in a general mail out to the local community groups. After a discussion at the committee we have sent a yes please, and we will see if we are successful. The big problem with Bunnings BBQ is the manpower we are forced to provide to run one. Minimum 5 people on hand at all times, so we need 10 people to run 2 shifts each day. In the past, we have struggled to meet this requirement and this calls into question if we participate at all. It would be a pity because in the past this has been a good fundraiser. From a membership of over 100, we should not have this problem.

Stop press.

We missed out on April.

Cheers to all,

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